Health & PE Update

Our Health and Physical Education curriculum is enjoying some renewed enthusiasm out of lockdown with our Year 10 classes being able to experience some new sports in person. Some classes have begun Squash sessions, others attending golf as part of their units this term. The boys are developing their hand eye coordination and enjoying the challenge of transferring their skills into new sports.

Other year levels have enjoyed the return to regular PE practical classes with Bike Education classes and Swimming resuming in younger year levels as well as on-site classes for all other year levels. Our Health Curriculum has kicked off with the delivery of ‘respectful relationship’ curriculum.

Our students did a wonderful job over “lockdown 5” with many students demonstrating excellent activity levels by documenting intensity levels and activity over the period.

As we enter “lockdown 6”, we hope we’re back together for Health and PE week. We have some fantastic activities planned for our community and look forward to the boys participation in the “Friars Olympics” 30 Aug- 3 September. Stay tuned for more information as we approach the week.

Katherine Smith

Learning Leader – Health and PE