Harrison plays baseball in Tokyo

Harrison, an enthusiastic and dedicated young baseball player, recently showcased his skills on the international stage. Representing Australia, he participated in two prestigious tournaments: the Victoria Cup in Washimiya, Kuki, and the 41st International Boys Nankyu Baseball World Championship in Edogawa, Tokyo. His selection as one of the 14 players to proudly wear his country’s colours was a testament to his talent and commitment. Harrison’s unwavering dedication was evident through his intensive four months of supplementary weekend training sessions, undertaken to ensure he was fully prepared for the challenges of the tournament.

The international stage saw twelve teams from eight countries vying for victory, with Harrison playing pivotal roles against Paraguay, Japan (as a pitcher), Singapore (as a catcher), and the Philippines. Embracing the scorching summer conditions of Japan proved to be an adjustment, with temperatures often reaching the mid 30s during game time. Harrison’s experiences extended beyond the baseball diamond as he embarked on an 18-day journey, immersing himself in the culture and landscapes of Japan. During this time, he stayed with two different families who had baseball-playing children, and explored picturesque locations such as Kuki, Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo.

While in Tokyo, Harrison had the unique opportunity to witness a corporate baseball game at the iconic Tokyo Dome, where Japan Rail faced off against Toyota. His sightseeing adventures also included visits to notable landmarks like the Tokyo Skytree, the bustling Asakusa Market, and the magical realm of Tokyo Disneyland. Harrison’s lifelong love affair with baseball began in his toddler years when he first picked up a baseball, leading to early participation in Teeball at the age of four. Since then, he has passionately embraced both Summer and Winter baseball, consistently excelling in competitions and clinching the championship title for his teams over the past two years.

Even a temporary hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t deter Harrison’s dedication. He resumed his training sessions with Baseball Victoria and remained committed to honing his skills. Every throw, every game, and every opportunity to play the sport he adores fills Harrison with excitement and enthusiasm. His journey in the world of baseball is a testament to his unwavering passion and enduring commitment to the game.