Happy World Environment Day!

World Environment Day celebrates its 20th Anniversary on 5 June 2020. It is a day that reminds us to take-action to conserve and protect our natural environment. This year’s theme is “Biodiversity†which encompasses life on land and below the water. It affects every aspect of human health; oxygen to breathe, water to drink, food for nutrients and medicines, shelter, mental health and wellbeing and climate change regulation.

The delicate balance of nature is being affected by decades of land clearing, air and water pollution, increased greenhouse gas emissions, reliance on plastics and unstainable energy sources and the results are devastating. Human action has changed 75% of land environments, 65% of water environments, one million species risk of extinction, increased rates of disease and food insecurity.

Human health relies on environment health.

Whitefriars College is blessed to be located in the Mullum Mullum Valley native bushland and creek setting where rich biodiversity is evident. The students are educated about the environment across learning areas and monitoring programs, improved waste operations, environment event celebrations and a review of water and energy College resources are actions that the Sustainability and Environment Team are proud of.

But there still much more to be done.

Covid-19 restrictions offered many families a time to reflect on sustainable habits, needs and priorities. The environment benefited from the world pausing. The Sustainability and Environment Team and Environment Captains ask the College community to bring renewed environment commitment as they return to the College. Simple actions such as packing a rubbish free lunch, using the bins system properly, saving energy by turning off lights and heaters when exiting the classroom and protecting the College gardens by using paths shows a strong commitment to the environment.

The environment needs you, and you need the environment. Please watch:

Happy World Environment Day!


Here are some photos of the College in ‘Sustainable’ Action: