Happy International Compost Awareness Week!

Did you know that approximately 72% of rubbish Australian’s put in the landfill bin could be better used in the garden as compost? Crazy fact! Now is a great time to create or tweak your home composting habits. Whitefriars College has a whole school composting program. Food scraps are collected in staff rooms, food tech classes and outside spaces and placed in the compost bins. Garden waste, paper and sawdust from MDT is then added to the mix. After 4 – 6 months, the black gold (compost) is then placed around the College garden beds, which are high in nutrition, saves money, keeps moisture in and reduces the College’s carbon footprint by diverting green waste from landfill. A Year 12 cohort, lead by the Environment Captains, Max Tyler and Tom Fazackerley, introduced a solar compost bin last year for the students to use near the basketball court and actively encourage other students to use it.

The Sustainability and Environment Team have run a daily compost quiz to educate everyone on how to set up a compost bin, what to feed it, how to maintain it and troubleshooting. Congratulations to the quiz winners, Mr Wood, Jordan Harvey (Year 8), Lukas Mallios (Year 8) and Mr Murphy.

For more information go to or watch our College compost guru, Mrs Ciavarella compost presentation​

Happy composting!

Ms Menzies