Hannie Rayson visits Year 12 English

Dear Whitefriars community,

My name is Dom Lepore, and I am the College’s English Captain for 2021.

In our English classes, we have currently been studying the play “Extinction” written by playwright Hannie Rayson.

On 26 May, myself and the Year 12 English and EAL cohort were lucky enough to get the opportunity to listen to Hannie Rayson in person.

Rayson discussed her writing process, her development of the characters within “Extinction”, and her personal views and values as a playwright.

As well, some students raised questions regarding what she had difficulty writing, which character she thought had suffered the most, and her insight into the ideologies of each character.

Her insight as the playwright has been of extreme value to us, especially for our upcoming Text Response SAC, which has helped by enriching our understanding of analysing the characters in “Extinction”.

We would like to say a special thank you to Hannie Rayson, for giving us all her very insightful thoughts. We appreciate her time and generosity to come to the College, especially in these difficult times.


Dom Lepore, English Captain 2021