Hands-on at Whitefriars

Year 8 and 9 students were introduced to the workshop area of Materials Design and Technology, learning about risk management and safety, as well as an introduction to their first practical task.

For a semester, students in Year 8 get the opportunity to work with both wood and metal, designing a wooden vehicle of their choice and making a basketball toy. They experience working with the pedestal drill, disk sander, metal bending equipment and numerous tools and processes in a safe manner as they make their products.

In Year 9, Product Design and Technology can be selected as an elective subject at Whitefriars. Students work through the processes required to make a cheese board and then progress to designing and making a small stool. Students are taken through the safe handling of numerous machines, tools, and equipment along the journey to making their products including using biscuit joins, the jigsaw, drilling, routing, sanding, and finishing techniques.

It’s fantastic to see the enthusiasm, enjoyment and sharing of skills as the students engage in their learning in the Visual Arts area of MDT and PDT at Whitefriars.


Mrs Roslyn Leach

Learning Leader – Visual Arts