Year 7 Key Dates


Enrolment Procedures – Year 7, 2022

21 August 2020 All applications for enrolment in Year 7, 2022 are to be received.

Early September Preference and/or Interview Questionnaire forms, or Withdrawal slip must be returned to the College.

Mid September Neighbouring colleges exchange a list of applicants.

12 September 2020 Interviews will be held.

Early October  Principals of neighbouring colleges have exchanged lists of students who are to be offered a place at the College.

15 October 2020 Offers of places to prospective Year 7 students are posted. The Catholic Education Office insists that schools do not advise prospective parents of this information in advance of this date, as this leads to difficulties for other Catholic schools and disrupts the enrolment process. It is a matter to which schools should give the highest priority in terms of co-operative processes across the Archdiocese.

6 November 2020 Final date for acceptance of offers by parents.

Enrolment Priority Parishes

Our Priority Parishes and Associated Schools are:

In addition to these, the College traditionally receives enrolment applications from students enrolled in approximately 50 other Catholic and Non-Catholic Primary Schools.

“At Whitefriars College, young men are raised to become gentle men. It is a community in which one feels they truly belong, befriending students and teachers alike. I believe that Whitefriars has taught me, and countless others, how to believe in ourselves and how to strive to be our best in whatever we do”.

Julian Virgona – Student, Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne (Class of 2014)
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