Fees and Charges

Enrolment Payments

There is a fee of $50 to register an application. A non-refundable acceptance fee of $300 is required to be paid to finalise placement at the College.

All-Inclusive* Fees in 2021

Our fees cover the tuition, provision of a tablet computer for each student and all curriculum-based activities (such as student diary, library ID card, compulsory camps and excursions.)

Year 7 – $12,100

Year 8 – $12,430

Year 9 – $12,960

Year 10 – $12,960

Year 11 – $13,480

Year 12 – $13,480

* A User-Pay Levy is applied to certain elective subjects in Years 9 to 12, Music tuition, College uniform items, transport to and from the College, textbook and stationery requirements.

Fee Billing

The All-Inclusive Fee will be billed in full at the start of the school year. Accounts may be paid in full at the start of the year or by one of the three Payment Plans offered.

Fee Rebate and Discounts

Early Payment Rebate of $400 will apply if the full year’s fees are paid in advance by the nominated date.

A Family Allowance discount applies when a family has more than one student attending the College at the same time. The discounts are:

  • Second son attending $600 discount for the year
  • Third son attending $1,200 discount for the year
  • Fourth son attending $3,600 discount for the year

Student Tablet Computers

The provision of the College tablet computer is conditional upon an agreement to pay the College fees account either in full at the start of the year or by one of the instalment payment arrangements commencing at the beginning of the school year.

Students are responsible for the care of their own tablet, which must be treated as a valuable and fragile possession. Students must not alter the configuration of the operating system and software or install unauthorised software on College provided tablets. If a tablet needs to be repaired because a student ignores this requirement, a $35 service fee will be levied.

Where damage/theft is caused as a result of an accident in which responsible care has been shown by the student involved, the cost of repair in most cases will be covered by insurance. Should damage occur as a result of careless or irresponsible usage/behaviour, it may result in the need for payment of repair costs.

Parents and guardians can obtain insurance information from the Service Centre Supervisor.

Parents agree to pay the insurance excess normally $250 or in the event of a rejected claim, the total cost of repair of the Tablet.

Parents and guardians should refer to the Terms and Conditions of borrowing a Tablet computer for any additional information.

Camps / Outdoor Learning Program (OLP)

The OLP camps are regarded as part of the normal curriculum for all students in Years 8 to 10, in the same way as the Year 7, Year 11 Kairos and Year 12 camps are for students at those levels. These costs are built into the on-going curriculum expenses of the College. There is no refund if a student does not attend an OLP camp.

Non-compulsory Camps / Trips

The College offers some co-curricular activities in which participation is purely voluntary. Parents will be made aware of any cost at the time the activities are offered. Examples include ski camps, overseas and interstate trips.

The students of any families receiving fee assistance or having arrears of the current school fee account will not be permitted to participate in any non-compulsory camps or trips.

Holding Fee

On the occasion where a student’s parents suspend their son/s enrolment for an extended period of time, for example one term or longer, a holding fee equal to the re-enrolment fee will be charged for that period. This holding fee is a guarantee of a place being open for a student to return after the extended absence.

Student Departure

For students leaving the College other than at the end of Year 12, the parent or guardian should notify the Principal in writing giving one term’s notice of intention to withdraw the student from the College. In lieu thereof, one term’s fees shall normally be payable.


“Whitefriars provides access and opportunities for students to belong to a vast range of co-curricular groups, encourages students to believe wholeheartedly in their abilities and ensures that all students become a valued part of a supportive school community. Whitefriars nurtures its students from boys into gentle, caring and respectful young men who make a conscious effort to always look out for one another.”

Nick Redfern – Student, Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), ACU (Class of 2010)
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