Fr Noel Kierce, O.Carm Scholarship – Students entering Year 7 and Year 9

In celebration of our 60 year anniversary, Whitefriars College, a Catholic school for boys in the Carmelite tradition, is introducing the Fr Noel Kierce, O.Carm Scholarship for entry into Year 7 and 9, from 2021.

Fr Kierce commenced his association with Whitefriars College in 1968 as a teacher. Fr Kierce completed a Master of Education from Columbia University (specialising in the teaching of History) in 1975 and 1976. In 1977 he was appointed as Acting Principal and was then appointed as Principal in 1978 until 1988. Before returning to Whitefriars in 1991 as a teaching Chaplain for two years, he completed a Master of Education (Pastoral Guidance) at Catholic College of Education, Sydney. He returned again to Whitefriars as Chaplain in 1999, where he remained until his passing in 2015.

Fr Kierce was an innovator, a leader, a confidante, a kind soul and a gentle man. He was dedicated to the College and the development of the young men in his care, always encouraging involvement in all aspects of life. Fr Kierce had a strong belief that one must look for God, and goodness, in people; a hallmark of being a Carmelite.

The criteria for the Fr Noel Kierce, O.Carm Scholarship reflects the man he was. The recipient must have shown and will continue to:

  • demonstrate excellence in one or more areas other than academic
  • show a high level of application to all classroom activities
  • be positive and productive in his relationships with staff
  • make a significant contribution to Whitefriars and the broader community
  • take opportunities to show leadership within areas of his expertise
  • be a proud ambassador of the College
  • become a fine, well integrated, generous, strong but gentle man.

All students wishing to be considered for the Scholarship will need to complete the registration process and testing.

Please click here to register for the Fr Noel Kierce, O.Carm Scholarship

The Principal will then invite students in for an interview before determining the recipients of the Scholarship, according to the College’s interpretation of the criteria set down.


Academic Excellence Scholarships – Current Whitefriars Year 8 Students

As part of our ongoing endeavour to continually develop the learning culture among our students, the College provides three Academic Excellence Scholarships to be awarded each year to current Whitefriars Year 8 students. These scholarships cover the ‘Tuition’ element of the all-inclusive school fee for Years 9 & 10.

If the recipient of a scholarship awarded for Years 9 & 10 is in the top 10% of academic achievers (as calculated according to the system by which Academic Excellence Awards are made) at the end of Year 10, the scholarship, covering the ‘Tuition’ element of the all-inclusive fee, will be renewed for Years 11 & 12.

These scholarships are offered as both a reward for and an incentive to strive for excellence. Scholarships will be awarded to the three students who achieve the highest overall results in a Scholarship Test, provided that their overall behaviour and contribution to the College is deemed, by the Principal, to be satisfactory. The Test will be set, administered and marked by Edutest, an expert and experienced independent testing body.

Please click here to register for the Academic Scholarship

Once scholarships have been awarded by the Principal, no discussion or correspondence about these decisions will be entered into.


All Scholarship Applications for entry into 2021 close on Friday 24 April 2020 and the Scholarship test will be held on a date TBA.

“Whitefriars College is a very special and nurturing environment. Once you are a student at the College, you belong to the Whitefriars community for life. This strong sense of community makes new students feel comfortable and confident, thanks to the pastoral care system. The staff ensure every student believes that he can become anything he sets his mind to and equips him with the academic skills to help him reach his goals.”

Dean Mendes – Student, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws, Deakin University (Class of 2012)
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