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At Whitefriars we encourage you to take the time to visit the College, chat with our staff and call to follow up on any questions that you may have, to assist you in making the right decision for your son and family. Enrolling your son at secondary school may be a challenging time but we are here to support you through the process.

Enrolment Policy
As a Catholic Secondary School for boys, Whitefriars College operates, primarily, to serve Catholic families who wish to offer their sons a Catholic secondary

Whitefriars College is situated on the outskirts of Melbourne, a cosmopolitan city of 4 million people in the south-east corner of Australia. In the peace and tranquillity of 19…

“When you belong to a community that believes it is every individual’s responsibility to have a positive influence on their surroundings, you have a real head start towards a life well-lived. Whitefriars nurtures its students to become caring and accomplished men who make a difference in the world.”

Mr Myke Leahy – National Coach, AFL Fiji (Captain, Class of 1991)
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