Full steam ahead for Year 8 Italian

This year in Year 8 Italian we are using the new Avanti tutta resource. It is a fully integrated resource including cultural videos, app with voice recognition, e-platform, games, animations, textbook and workbook. It uses a very catchy song to engage the students and introduce them to the different stories and themes. The year 8s immediately loved the song and they enjoy singing it in every lesson as you will see in the video. Avanti tutta means ‘full steam ahead!’ It’s an encouragement to ‘put your all into it!’

Thank you to the following students, Rocco Karipis A6, Luca Spadafora S5, Neel Malangi L5, Julian Ortiz S6 and Thomas Colafella S6 who were very eager to perform the song for the video.

Ms Paula Barca
Learning Leader – Languages