From the Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

Celebrating on-site learning

Over the past fortnight, staff have welcomed back our Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students. There was a sense of hope and optimism as students reconnected with one another and their teachers.

Learning in the classroom has focussed on opportunities for students to discuss issues, collaborate and share their viewpoints and undertake practical lessons. Application of theory learnt during the Home Learning Program is now being applied with practical classes occurring in Health and Physical Education, Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Science & Technologies.


Year 12s – Thank you, congratulations and good luck

Our Year 12s, whilst sharing moments of nostalgia and an opportunity to play ‘downball’ for their final week of school, have continued to show an unwavering commitment to their studies.

Preparations are underway for the final examinations, with teacher feedback being received by students from the VCE Trial Examination.  Practice questions and essays shared with teachers and collaborative discussions about learning is happening in class and the Academic Study Centre after school.

Meanwhile, our VCAL students are now actually having the chance to exhibit the applied learning pathway they choose some 12 months ago. Completion of VET studies, the practical component of their Public Safety Firefighting course and their final projects have been the focus during Term 4.

Congratulations to our Year 12 students for their commitment to their studies during the past 6 years. The College community wishes them all the best for their upcoming examinations and transition to further study or work.


Connection, Purpose and Performance Mindset – Ben Crowe

Old Collegian Ben Crowe, professional mentor and leadership coach who has helped the success of the Richmond Football Club and Ash Barty, recently spoke to our Year 12 students as part of preparations for their examinations. Year 12s, and all learners in our community, can use Ben’s strategies to connect, find purpose and develop a performance mindset:

  1. Connection
  • Connect with you first then connect with others
  • “I am enoughâ€. Know your own story.
  • ‘Search for excellence and self-improvement yet embrace imperfection (no-one is perfect)’
  • ‘Embrace vulnerability as a strength’
  • ‘Be open minded’


  1. Purpose
  • What do you stand for?
  • Do something for someone else – be interested rather than interesting.
  • ‘You write the ending of your story – reframe, let go, forgive’
  • ‘It’s our decisions, not the conditions, that determine our mindset’
  • ‘Give yourself unconditional love – let go of baggage, if not you will constantly crave other things’
  • ‘Be authentic’


  1. Performance Mindset
  • What are the things you can control?
  • Do not get sabotaged by things you cannot control i.e. fear of failure, focus on results
  • ‘Concentrate your attention on what you can control’
  • ‘Our greatest growth comes from our darkest times’
  • ‘Bring the best version of yourself to any performance’
  • ‘You’re in total control of your emotions’
  • ‘Focus on the things you can control’


ACC Chess

Congratulations to our Chess team, who throughout 2020 have represented the College in ACC, regional and most recently the State Championships. The effort to train to develop strategies and then execute these skills under competition has been outstanding. I congratulate Jayden Bardrick for his leadership and Mrs Rhonda Powling for facilitating the learning opportunity for the students.


Visual Arts Exhibition

The Whitefriars Visual Arts Exhibition is a highlight during any given year. This year, with COVID-19 restrictions, the exhibition is reverting to a virtual gallery. Students are having their art pieces curated in readiness for the exhibition that will be launched next Friday 6 November. Despite the challenge of undertaking the practical elements within Media, Product Design Technology, Studio Arts and Visual Communication Design, the students have developed wonderful art pieces that will engage their audience. Thank you to Visual Arts Captain Andrea Sticca, Ms Georgia Madden (Visual Arts Learning Leader) and our amazing Visual Arts staff.


Mr Mark Ashmore

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching