Father’s Day Breakfast 2019

With Father’s Day fast approaching it’s a wonderful opportunity for Father’s to ask or tell their son the things we often don’t get a chance to say, because sometimes we assume they know and for some men – stuff like this is hard to say.  Things like…

Son, I love you and I’m here for you!

  • I’m proud to be your dad.
  • You’re going to do great things.
  • And you mean everything to me.


Son, you’ve got what it takes!

Son, let’s share an interest.

Son, what’s REALLY happening in your life?

Son, real men give more than they take.

Son, I am always here for you and you should NEVER feel like you are alone.


Dads, your son doesn’t need a perfect father… he needs a loving, available one.

I lost my father to lung cancer when I was 22 years old. He never got the chance to see my kids. But when I think about my father, he is a reminder for me that life is short and to cherish every moment with my kids.My own father wasn’t a perfect father when I was growing up and he did his best with what he knew at the time. He instilled the values in me which helped shape me to be the man and father I am today, and for this I’m extremely thankful for.
Sons and fathers, you need each other more than you can know.

Don’t miss the opportunity the teen years bring you both; to become a better son, to become a better dad, and – as a result – for you both to become – better men!


Happy Father’s Day!

Mr Trent Collins

Director – Middle Years


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