Education Perfect Languages Championship

The Education Perfect Languages Championship is a 7-day online event celebrating learning and achievement in Languages. With approximately 200,000 participants each year, this is a great opportunity to inspire our students’ language learning while they compete on a global scale. By answering questions correctly, students receive points which go towards awards and prizes!

We congratulate the four winners of the Whitefriars Education Perfect Championship 2020:

Place Name Year Level Language Award Points
1 Elian Deeb 7 Indonesian Emerald 5008
2 Daniel Triffett 10 Indonesian Gold 4658
3 Samuell Ng 8 Indonesian Gold 3673
4 Zac Westwood 8 Italian Gold 3040

We also congratulate the following certificate award winners


Amin Khatibi-Yekta 9 Chinese Silver 2779
Marc Cordeiro 10 Indonesian Bronze 1765
Lukas Mallios 8 Italian Bronze 1529
Daniel Kilkenny 8 Indonesian Bronze 1044
Henry Fyfe 9 Italian Bronze 1028
Bailey Wallace 8 Italian Credit 707
Jacob O’Brien 10 Indonesian Credit 649
Louis Wade 10 Indonesian Credit 632
Ethan Downie 9 Indonesian Credit 506