Earth Hour #switchoff

On Saturday night, we celebrated Earth Hour. A worldwide event where millions of people around the world switch off electricity for 60minutes as a symbolic gesture that they care about the planet’s future.


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What can we do for Earth Hour?

  • Switch your mode of transport
  • Switch your energy provider for greener option
  • Switch your bill to include % of green energy
  • Switch appliances to better star rating
  • Switch lights to LED
  • Switch to renewables or research options
  • Turn off lights, heating and cooling when leaving room
  • Wear warmer clothes before you turn on the heater
  • Plant vegetation to offer shade to help keep buildings cool
  • Switch your banking and superannuation to those that invest in renewables.





What has the college been doing?

The College has been trying to reduce its energy consumption over the years. Better rated appliances, changing lighting to LED, power off devices, sensor lights and heating/cooling.  Here’s a graph to show our energy journey since 2015. The College has completed an energy audit and looking at our future energy resources. Hopefully it will include renewables in the future!