Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day was celebrated last Thursday 22 April at the College. The Year 7 RE classes participated in a Sustainability and Environment Team presentation. Earth Day is an annual event where millions of people around the world celebrate the Earth and consider ways to protect it. The 7RE presentation included students to reflect on their personal connection to the Earth and write a letter of gratitude. The following are some examples from the students:

Dear Earth,
Thank you for the plants and trees that give us oxygen and fresh air.
K (7B)

Dear Earth,
Thank you for providing me with food, fresh water, materials for a house to live in. Oxygen to breath. Grass to play footy on. Dirt to build push bike and motor bike jumps and tracks and fun things to do outdoors.
N (7B)

Dear Earth,
Thank you for providing me with vegetables. I am thankful for it because I love eating natural food that brings me joy and comfort as well as a healthy body to help me through the day. I am thankful for it.
L (7A)

Dear Earth,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play sports on ovals and thank you to the animals on earth for providing leather for football and basket balls and other sports.
J (7A)

Dear Earth,
Thank you for providing me with water to drink and food to eat so I don’t die. Thank you for providing us with materials to make shelter and tools so we don’t get too cold or too hot and die.
Z (7A)

Being grateful and considering ways to care for the Earth is part of the Year 7 RE Care for Creation Unit this term. Students gained an understanding around the IPCC data and why Pope Francis wrote Laudato Si in 2015 urges humans to take action around the climate crisis. Students were then presented with ways to improve habits around energy, water, waste and biodiversity usage and made a final pledge on ways they can personally care for Creation.

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Mrs Jo Menzies

on behalf of Sustainability and Environment Team