DAV Finals – Commiserations to B Grade Team #1

Thank you once again for all of the commitment and devotion you have shown to our debating program at Whitefriars, given our excellent performance at St. Leonard’s College in Brighton East. Thank you to Matt, Eric and Sam, who were well supported by Josh and Haywood. They were on the affirmative side on the topic ‘That celebrities should be banned from publicly discussing products with health claims (e.g. weight loss)’. They worked very well together during the 1 hour preparation time and focused on the concerns around celebrities preying on vulnerable people, corruption in the social media space, and how we need stronger checks and balances online to prevent these issues from occurring.

They were unfortunately beaten by Avila College by a margin of 3 points who raised some very good points, and had a fantastic third speaker who was very impressive.

Whilst our finals run has completed, I am very grateful and incredibly impressed at the dedication and camaraderie the entire B Grade debating group has shown to each other over the years. It is such a fantastic achievement to make it to the top sixteen of the entire state, and to know that you have worked well together and supported one another throughout this time. I look forward to seeing you all back next year as our incredible A Grade debating group!

Mr Andrew Wight

Learning Leader – English / Debating Coach