Congratulations Class of 2019

Whitefriars College students have achieved exceptionally well in the 2019 Victorian Certificate of Education.

It is important to note that our Year 12 results are the culmination of a collective effort from all teaching and support staff, largely through their commitment to a six year investment in the partnership with students and their families. So, while acknowledging Year 12 performance as an important measure of success, the community also acknowledges and appreciates that it is the combined academic, pastoral and spiritual dimensions of schooling that have impacted positively on the formation of the gentle, young men graduating from Whitefriars College.

VCE is only one pathway option for our boys; an increased number of boys studied VCE VET, a non-scored VCE pathway or completed the VCAL program and have now entered viable employment, apprenticeships or further study.

High Performing Students

We congratulate:

  • College Dux: Ronan Oppy 99.25
  • Runner Up Dux: Mitchell Guest 98.95
  • Best performing International Student: Tony Ru 93.15
  • VCAL Excellence Award Recipient: Claudio Caterino

And are proud to note:

  • 6% students achieved a study score of 95.00 or above
  • 23% students achieved a study score 90.00 and above
  • 37% students achieved a study score of 80.00 and above
  • Average ATAR: 72.32
  • 9.39% of students achieve a Study Score above 40

Congratulations to Ronan Oppy who also achieved a perfect 50 in Religion and Society. A number of our boys achieved high study score of 45 and above placing in the top students for the subject in the state.

To each of our Year 12 students, we hope and pray that you remember … “who and what you are tomorrow, begins with what you do today.”

Almae In Fide Parentis

Mr Greg Stewart

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