Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition – CAT 2023

On Thursday 4 May, students from various year levels competed in the annual CAT Competition at Whitefriars College. Students had the opportunity to experience and explore the science underlying computing, communication and the internet. Students who competed learnt basic algorithms, data structure and computational techniques and had the opportunity to demonstrate their learning through computer programming tasks.

Results this year were extremely encouraging. Below is a list of those who received a participation or above – Congratulations boys! Certificates acknowledging student involvement will be distributed shortly.


Awards: H = High Distinction; D = Distinction; C = Credit; Pa = Participation


Junior Award
William Wright Credit
Joseph Prossomariti Credit
Intermediate Award
Ethan George Participation
Jack Hallissey Credit
Peter Bourke Credit
Jonathon Katos Credit
Senior Award
Lukas Mallios Credit
Lucas Superina Credit
Amin Yekta Participation


Mr Ashley Payne

Learning Leader – Enrichment and Data