Staff Association

Whitefriars College has an active Staff Association which encourages, supports and enhances the spirit of community amongst the staff. A number of social outings, on-campus activities and gatherings occur throughout the year. Good times are celebrated and times of hardship and grief are shared and supported. Many refer to their colleagues at these times as ‘family’, a testament to the College and staff, and which echoes through to the students.

The WSA allows all teachers to participate in a range of social outings, staff gatherings and community get-togethers where we can foster our own sense of ‘belonging’ to Whitefriars. We have come together to celebrate the end of the school year, spent an evening barefoot bowling and, when possible, we meet regularly to discuss how our weeks are progressing. We are able to develop great friendships with teachers we might not necessarily see on a day to day basis and can involve ourselves in the more personal aspects of our vocation.

As an Old Boy, returning as a staff member, one of the highlights of my first year at Whitefriars as a teacher was the wonderful and entertaining ‘End of Year Dinner’. After completing all classes, we came together as a group to share in the celebrations. Definitely an incredible way to cap off the end of a great teaching year.

Mr Andrew Wight – Teacher and Class of 2008

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