College Captain’s 2022 Address

Good morning to our College Principal, Mr Murphy, staff and fellow students.

My name is Evan O’Connor and I am fortunate enough to represent Whitefriars as the 2022 College Captain. For many people here, today marks the first of countless steps in their Whitefriars journey – a leap of faith into our community within the College.

International students… welcome.

New staff members… welcome.

New students in Years 8 to 11… welcome.

And a particular welcome to our Year 7s. In new surroundings and in new company, a multitude of emotions may overcome you – excitement, fear or maybe apprehension. But around you there are endless opportunities, friendships and memories that you will discover in your time here – just as I have.

Remain assured that these emotions and experiences are shared by many. I remember my first day with distinct clarity; an oversized blazer, socks to the knee and a gleaming, pristine uniform. Behind the façade of a well-presented student, was a scared one. I was scared of being different, scared of speaking up, scared of my voice being the loudest in the room. Yet, it was my peers, teachers and family that assured me week after week, and in turn, year after year, that shaped me into the person I am today. Grasp every opportunity afforded to you. This is a marvelous new beginning. Today you are one step closer to finding out who you are.

To my Year 12 cohort, may today be etched in our memory. It is our final ‘first day’ at our College. Excitement prospers as we lead, support and persevere in all that we do, as we commit to our absolute best. Despite the fast pace that this year will unfold at, it’s imperative that together, we relive and relish in all the memories, friendships and opportunities we’ve shared together, and leave a legacy worthy of our efforts at the College.

As we mark the start of a new year together, coming out of years of hardship, it’s important to remember that together, as a community, we must support and embrace one another. So, I ask everyone within the College to reach out to me for anything, as a peer, a leader, a student and especially as a friend. I’m beyond excited to see you all grow, develop and learn. What an honour it is to be here, together.