Clean Up Schools Week 2021

The annual Clean Up Schools Day event was celebrated over an entire week at Whitefriars from 1–5 March! House Waste Championship, Robot Waste Wrangling and Clean Up Schools Scavenger Hunt were organised by the amazing Environment Captains Yianni and Roger.

Congratulations to Soreth House for taking out the 2021 House Waste Championship! The results were: 1st Soreth House (7.2kg), 2nd Brandsma House (3.7kg), equal 3rd Corsini and Edith Stein House (0.45kg), 5th Trinity House (0.175kg) and equal 6th Avila and Lisieux House (0kg). Well done to the following students for volunteering their lunchtimes to keep the school grounds waste free: Daniel V (11S), Will J (12S), Ollie M (7S), Connor D (7S), Sione G (7S), Paul H (11EStein), Jason O (11C), Lachlan D (9T), Oscar B (9T), Liam D (7S), Josh H (7S), Chris F (7S), Jack P (7S), Jack H (7S) and Parker L (7S).

Congratulations to Ollie M (7S) for controlling his robot in the fastest time (2mins 40sec) to sort and deliver different waste to the recycle, soft plastics and landfill bins. Well done to the students who enjoyed this activity put on by the Science, Technology and Environment at Whitefriars Group. The scavenger hunt included students racing through the college ground to collect clues and waste. Well done to all involved!

Clean Up Schools Day theme was Step Up to Clean Up. The Sustainability and Environment Team encourages the college community to “Step Up” by continuing great waste habits, such as reducing landfill waste as much as possible by recycling soft plastics, recycling items and food scraps and trying to purchase items that aren’t disposable.

Helpful waste sites include:

Recycle and mystery items: RecycleSmart app

Soft plastics:

Organic waste:

Many thanks to Yianni, Roger and Harry for encouraging the many students to “Step Up” and making the week a success. Thank you to Mrs Carboon, Mr Berryman and Dr Goodall for their assistance at Robot Waste Wrangling activity and Miss Ross and Mr Freeman for promoting the House event.


Mrs Jo Menzies

Sustainability & Environment Team