Clean Up Schools Day

Did you know that Australians produce 540kg of household waste per person, each year? That’s more than 10kg for every single person, every single week. In 2015, Whitefriars College saw a need to minimise landfill waste and so introduced recycling bins and awareness campaigns. In 6 years, the College has reduced its landfill amount from 1,419 m3 (2015) to 157 m3 (2022). That is a whopping 1262 m3 waste being diverted from landfill and equivalent to 10,600 wheelie bins/631 skips/57 garbage trucks of rubbish. Not only have we cared for the environment but saved money too.

Last Friday, the College celebrated Clean Up Schools Day. Thank you to Joshua A (Yr12), Environment Captain, Sione G (Yr8) and Damon H (Yr7) who ran a successful campaign and thank you to those students who collected waste from the College yard. There are many ways for Whitefriars families to reduce their waste:

  • Refuse (do you really need it?).
  • Reduce (consider how much consumption is happening).
  • Reuse (can the item be repurposed?).
  • Recycle (soft plastics, cans, bottles, paper, batteries, e-waste, light globes, textiles, bread tags – check out Planet Ark Recycle app).
  • Compost (green waste can easily be turned into nutrient rich soil via composting or worm farming and reduces greenhouse gas, methane production).

Check out for more information.


Jo Menzies

Sustainability Facilitator