CLC & WFC Pen Pal Project

As part of preparing for the Catholic Ladies College and Whitefriars College Social Justice and Environment Community Partnership catch up, the students have become pen pals. The boys wrote a letter last month introducing themselves and explaining why they were part of the group, their passions and what they would like to achieve as a group. It was wonderful for the WFC boys to receive the letters from the CLC female students this week. Especially given the planned excursion for the boys to visit CLC to showcase the nesting box they built and were gifting to the College and how to compost activity was cancelled last minute due to the lockdown.

Miss Di Milta, the CLC Social Justice and Environment Coordinator wrote “Our group have united together to share their passions regarding the environment, equal rights, diversity and other global issues. The girls were so excited to receive their letters from you. We are super keen on uniting and sharing our passion for social justice and environment! We have attached re-usable cutlery to your letters as a reminder of how we have the individual power to contribute positively and to be responsible for our environment”.

The CLC student’s letters include:

“We can’t wait to meet Whitefriars and collaborate with you. We are interested in animals and especially endangered ones and want to work towards saving them and the environment. We can’t wait to meet you.” (Year 7)

“I hope I can learn new things co I can inspire others. I am passionate about sustainability in particular composting and plastic waste” (Year 8)

“Thank you for your letter. It is great to be partaking in this social justice program together and sharing our passions for the environment and other injustices. We think that focusing on gender equality is a great topic to be informed about and we would be onboard to hear about it from your perspective” (Year 9)

“I am a member of “Roots and Shoots” Victoria where we participate in beach clean-ups, sustainability workshops and a number of initiatives as part of the Jane Goodall Institution. It’s great to hear you are passionate about aquatic life and I’m sure thee are many projects we could work on to incorporate these interests.” (Year 12)

“I think the social justice and environment group can do a lot to promote better habits when it comes to recycling, picking up rubbish and composting etc. This also includes protecting endangered species like polar bears (my fav animal). I look forward to working with WFC.” (Year 12)

The group look forward to organising another excursion once lockdown restrictions lift where the students can meet in person, share their vision and plan projects for a socially just and healthy environment.


Jo Menzies

Sustainability and Environment Team Facilitator