Class of 2023 – Final day of school celebration

While Year 12 finishes are often met with trepidation and concern, the Class of 2023 finished their final day at Whitefriars with absolute dignity and respect – a hallmark of their six years at the College. I was incredibly lucky to begin my Whitefriars journey the same year this group began theirs. It has been a privilege to share their journey as they began as boys and will leave as gentle men. We worked very hard to create an environment where the Year 12 class could celebrate their time at the College based on three values – Gratitude, Nostalgia and Community. For the first time in the College’s history, we invited the parents to join in the celebration as a mark of gratitude for their support of their sons over their time at Whitefriars. It was wonderful to see the same people who walked their fresh faced, nervous sons down the hill on their first day, stand beside them as they prepared to leave the College for the final time. It was truly a wonderful celebration.

I would like to thank Claire Allemand (Director – Senior Years), ably assisted by Mel Coulson (Senior Years Assistant), for their work behind the scenes to make this event happen. I would also like to thank House Leaders and Pastoral Care Teachers, many of whom have spent six years with the boys and their families riding the turbulent seas of adolescence close at hand. To the parents who have supported their sons and the College – thank you. And finally, to the Class of 2023 – you should be very proud of the impact you have made on the Whitefriars community through your involvement in College life and the way in which you have built such positive relationships with those around you. Remember that you will always have a home at Whitefriars – once a ‘Friar always a ‘Friar.

Almae In Fide Parentis


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students