Child Safety Team News

At Whitefriars, we have instigated the first Child Safety Team this year to work together to continue to foster a child safe culture at our school. The team is made up of 9 students (from Years 8 to 12), College Psychologist Mrs Erin Lindley, Rick and Compliance Manager Mr Pablo Pizzuto, Director of Identity, Mission and Service, Mr Joshua Vujcich and myself.  The purpose of this very important team is:

  • Promote and create a safe environment for all students at Whitefriars College – including physical, mental, social and emotional
  • To ensure students are empowered and play an active role, working in partnership with adults, in contributing to the safety of the students at the College
  • To discuss, formulate and implement (or recommend the implementation) of child safe programs and practices
  • To review and formulate child friendly/accessible child safe policies and processes
  • Discuss and act on safety issues at the school in relation to the following areas (but not restricted to):
  • Yard, Class, Transport, Canteen, Online, OH&S – Campus buildings and equipment

The team has created a student friendly Child Safety Policy and are currently working on a clear, transparent and reassuring reporting process for students to follow should they feel unsafe in any way. The purpose of this reporting process is to give students the vehicle to ‘speak up’ and seek support if they have concerns regarding their safety.

Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students