Celebrating Holistic Learning

In the past fortnight I have had the opportunity to attend numerous events where the holistic learning of our students has been celebrated. This week’s In Fide gives an insight into our SMS Tutoring Program, ACC Sport Presentation, raising awareness for DONCARE and the Shared Stories event.

SMS Tutoring Program

I recently attend a lunch to show my gratitude to the Senior Years students who help tutor Middle Years students after school. The Friars Tutoring Program is an initiative within the College where older students tutor and mentor younger students.

“Older students develop leadership skills, confidence and consolidate their understanding of particular subject matter through teaching. They find helping a young person improve and gain confidence to be very rewarding and are able to have tutoring experience to add to their resume. For Middle Years students, partaking in the program can be daunting at first, but by the end of the first session they have built a relationship with their tutor that strengthens over the coming weeks. They comfortable to ask their tutor for help in areas where they are struggling and over time experience a shift in their mindset to become more confident.”

Kelly Hoinville, Tutoring Program

“This year I took part in the Whitefriars tutoring program as a tutor. This was an amazing opportunity for me as I was able to gain many benefits out of this experience. I enjoyed teaching and studying with my student and felt that I not only taught but learnt study strategies myself. I felt like I was able to take part in the community and help others.”

Hayden Guest (Year 10)

“I have had a good experience with my tutor this year. I had a good tutor and a good experience as he was very friendly and helpful.”

Ryan (Year 7)



Shared Stories Anthology Presentation

Over twenty Whitefriars students had their artwork or writing celebrated in the Catholic Education Melbourne Shared Stories Anthology. This is a wonderful achievement and their works will be part of the anthologies that will be part of the Australian National Library and State Library of Victoria collections. I enjoyed being part of the celebration at Xavier College Kosta Hall campus where our boys were recognised in a large ceremony. Phillip Deane (Year 7) received accolades for his artwork being one of two students across all participating Catholic schools chosen for the cover page and an award for a written piece. Thank you to Learning Leaders Georgia Madden (Visual Arts) and Fiona Lennon (English) and teaching staff for their support of students in the Shared Stories submissions.



Mr Mark Ashmore, Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

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