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Stein Virtual Feast Day

June 7th, 2020

On Friday 22 May, Stein House gathered on Zoom for their 2020 Virtual House Feast Day. As the Feast Day is a special time to celebrate our Patron saint, Edith Stein and the community formed under her name, the Stein leadership group used this day to promote solidarity between students at this challenging time. All Senior House Leaders and House Representatives worked together to create a quiz that Pastorals could take part in. The quiz had a general knowledge section and a Stein House section with questions regarding Edith Stein and the achievements of our House peers. The Stein boys were inspired by the quiz to connect with each other while so far apart, while still celebrating our Patron saint. It was an incredibly entertaining get together within Pastorals and a true display of our House Spirit.

Marcus Mohr, Stein House Captain

Education Perfect Languages Championship

June 7th, 2020

The Education Perfect Languages Championship is a 7-day online event celebrating learning and achievement in Languages. With approximately 200,000 participants each year, this is a great opportunity to inspire our students’ language learning while they compete on a global scale. By answering questions correctly, students receive points which go towards awards and prizes!

We congratulate the four winners of the Whitefriars Education Perfect Championship 2020:

Place Name Year Level Language Award Points
1 Elian Deeb 7 Indonesian Emerald 5008
2 Daniel Triffett 10 Indonesian Gold 4658
3 Samuell Ng 8 Indonesian Gold 3673
4 Zac Westwood 8 Italian Gold 3040

We also congratulate the following certificate award winners


Amin Khatibi-Yekta 9 Chinese Silver 2779
Marc Cordeiro 10 Indonesian Bronze 1765
Lukas Mallios 8 Italian Bronze 1529
Daniel Kilkenny 8 Indonesian Bronze 1044
Henry Fyfe 9 Italian Bronze 1028
Bailey Wallace 8 Italian Credit 707
Jacob O’Brien 10 Indonesian Credit 649
Louis Wade 10 Indonesian Credit 632
Ethan Downie 9 Indonesian Credit 506


Time & Space at home

May 21st, 2020

The last few months all of us have been missing the physical connections with other people. Often in times of challenge or crisis, we as a community, find new and creative ways to respond. Isolation does not mean aloneness!

Whitefriars has been creative in exploring new ways to stay connected as a faith learning community. On Tuesday evening, over 40 mothers/female mentors and their sons gathered online for the first virtual Time & Space at Home event. Whitefriars has held this event annually – albeit physically – at the College for over 7 years. It was fantastic to see so many families gather to stay connected with each other and with our community online. The key part of the evening is the sharing of ‘treasures’ – an item which says something about the relationship with the other person. There were many surprises, smiles and even a few happy tears – it was a very humbling experience to be a part of.


Some feedback from mothers/female mentors:

Some feedback from the boys:


What a night! Thank you to all our mothers/female mentors and boys – you are doing an amazing job!

A special acknowledgement to Mr Mark Murphy for his support of the evening and to our facilitator, Bill Jennings.


Mr Joshua Vujcich

Director – Identity, Mission & Service


Whitefriars win Interschool Chess event

May 21st, 2020

On Wednesday 6 of May, nine students and I went online to participate in the first Online Interschool Chess event. Like everything else, the interschool chess calendar was moved online, and this was a good event to get used to the new system.

The day kicked off with a welcoming over a Zoom call, and an explanation of how the day would operate for those who didn’t know – we would play seven matches against people from other schools, each round playing someone doing about as well as us at that point. The games took place on the website hosting the tournament, using a virtual board that we dragged pieces over to make our moves.

We kept up with each other during the day by using email, sending positive energy as we celebrated our wins and not getting caught up over the losses. The seven games went by incredibly quickly, partly because of a shorter game timer than usual and partly because each new set of pairings could be generated and distributed quickly. This was due to the fact that we were all communicating digitally and only had to click to connect to the game, as opposed to being in a large hall where we would have to read the printed lists and then physically find our table.

At the end of the day, we ended up being the winning Secondary team with a counted score of 18.5 points between our top four players, although the effort across the team was significant as everybody finished with at least 3 wins to their name. This win allows us to send a few people to the State finals later this year, which we will hopefully expand upon in future tournaments.

The Tournament day was completed by around midday and, after it was over, we all went back to our timetabled classes, but we’d all had a great time and recaptured some sense of normalcy during a time when everything’s being delayed and cancelled.

A massive thank you to Ms Powling for organising our place in the competition and providing us with resources to continue to practice chess while Chess Club cannot meet.

If you want to participate in chess this year, there will be more competitions later in the year.

Websites such as and are available 24/7 for you to play against other people or challenge your friends to help you improve your skills.

Jayden Bardrick


Happy World Bee Day!

May 21st, 2020

Wednesday 20 May was World Bee Day. This is a significant day that highlights the importance of bees and other pollinators for our own survival. If bees were to become extinct, 70% of the world’s food production would be lost. Habitat changes, disease and warming climate are affecting bee populations. Like of all us, bees need a home, food and water. Bees need your help now. Many Whitefriars family backyards can provide these by building simple bee hotels, put out a dish of water with pebbles and plant bee attracting plants. For more information, visit:

Congratulations to Zander D (Year 7) for winning the Science, Technology and Environment at Whitefriars Club Native Bee Kahoot! Thank you to the other participants.


May the Fourth Be with You

May 8th, 2020

Much expertise was demonstrated this week as over one hundred Whitefriars College students entered Star Wars Day competitions run by the Shortis Library.  Students and families delved into creating Star Wars LEGO kits as well as imaginative characters and scenes made from non-specific LEGO blocks. A competition to send in a favourite Star Wars movie quote yielded so many favourites and self-confessed Star Wars experts were tested with an online quiz.

Thank you to all the students who participated – a fantastic effort!. A big thank you to our special judge Mr Vujcich who had the difficult task deciding the winners of the LEGO creations. Mr Vujcich says “A massive credit to the boys’ ingenuity!”.


Congratulations to the winners

Star Wars quiz

Favourite quote from a Star Wars movie

Best purchased Star Wars LEGO kit creation

Bailey Wallace, Year 8

Lachlan Hansen, Year 7


Best Star Wars character or scenes from non-specific LEGO

Nathan Freier, Year 10


Harry Nugent, Year 7



Miss Keely Scicluna

Multimedia Technician – Library

Happy Mother’s Day

May 8th, 2020

Almae in Fide Parentis – In The Care of a Loving Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing and nurturing women in our community.


The Mental Side of the Game

May 7th, 2020

The ramifications of COVID-19 for our students are far and wide. Unfortunately, they have had many things taken from them – in-class education, significant celebrations and milestones, physical social interaction, sport, and the list goes on. The Whitefriars Sports Department have done an amazing job putting together an online program for our Year 9 and 10 ACC Sport students comprising a series of presentations delivered live by sporting experts – three-time premiership player with Hawthorn and current coach of the Williamstown Football Club (VFL), Andrew Collins, current Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Richmond Football Club, Rob Innes and current two-time Richmond Premiership player, Kane Lambert.

I had the privilege, along with 56 Year 10 students and three staff, to be a part of Kane’s interactive presentation focussing on the mental side of the game. Kane took the students through a meditation to prove the point that it is critical to focus on ‘the here and now’ and try to block out those external ‘noises’ which distract us from the moment we are in and the job we need to do. He also introduced the concept of an A Game and B Game which is employed by the Richmond Football Club. Our A Game are our strengths and our B Game are our weaknesses or other factors out of our control which distract us from what we are required to do. While this approach comes from a sporting context, it also has a great message for these young men trying to navigate a challenging world. In summary, Kane’s message was that we need to focus on our A Game, our strengths and the things we can control and block or not dwell on out our B Game, that which we cannot control.

What a fantastic message for these young men aspiring to the best they can be on the sporting field, but also in life faced with a situation which has many forces out of their control, such as the things they have had taken away from them.

Read more here

I also had the privilege of attending a webinar with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Psychologist specialising in adolescence, parenting, families and mental health. He spoke about the challenges facing adolescents during this COVID-19 isolation period and concrete strategies to help young people cope during this difficult time. Some of his key messages were:

If we can adopt some of these strategies, not only will we get through these challenging times, but we will develop positive habits which will remain with us throughout our lives.

Read more about Dr Carr-Gregg’s FREE Raising Resilient Children seminar here


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students

World Book Day winners

May 7th, 2020

Whitefriars College students and staff embraced World Book Day which is designated by UNESCO as a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and, most importantly, reading. Participants in the Read a Million Words House Challenge took World Book Day as an opportunity to chill, read and add to their House word tally.

The day was celebrated with a Library photo competition.  Thank you to the English Captain: Tom Fazackerley who helped by being a special judge.

The winners and notables are:

Special mention: Principal Mr Mark Murphy ‘reading in isolation – Carmelite contemplation’ (Climbing the Mountain: the Carmelite Journey, Johan Bergstrom-Allen (Ed))


Free parenting seminars with Michael Carr-Gregg

May 7th, 2020

While the COVID-19 crisis has transformed the way we lead our lives almost overnight, Manningham’s popular Parenting Seminar Series has quickly adapted, pivoting to online webinars to keep the wheels turning.

In recognising the effects continuous media coverage, home schooling and isolation are having on families, they have partnered with well-known child psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, to present a series of webinars focusing on raising resilient children and supporting families during this pandemic.


Tuesday 19 May – Raising Resilient Kids in the Coronavirus era 7-8pm

Topics include managing home-schooling, self-care and dealing with uncertainties. This is a 45 minute webinar with 15 minutes for questions.


Thursday 21 May – Managing Year 11 and 12 in the face of uncertainty 7-8pm

Year 11 and 12 students now face unprecedented disruption and uncertainty around the completion of the school year. With no firm decisions on how, when or if final exams will be held, many students are understandably anxious.

In this session, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg will provide practical tips on how parents and students can manage these challenging times.

This is a 45 minute webinar with 15 minutes for questions.


Tuesday 26 May – Helping teachers manage their wellbeing in the Coronavirus era 7-8pm

Before COVID-19 turned our lives upside down, more than half of Australian school teachers suffered from anxiety and almost one-fifth were depressed.

This seminar is targeted towards anyone, in particular teachers, who are feeling anxious during the pandemic. It will provide you with the skills, knowledge and strategies to manage your own wellbeing during this challenging time.

This is a 45 minute webinar with 15 minutes for questions.


To register for these free webinars visit Manningham Council’s website:


Whitefriars College will be hosting an evening with Dr Carr-Gregg in Term 3, so please stay tuned.

Happy International Compost Awareness Week!

May 7th, 2020

Did you know that approximately 72% of rubbish Australian’s put in the landfill bin could be better used in the garden as compost? Crazy fact! Now is a great time to create or tweak your home composting habits. Whitefriars College has a whole school composting program. Food scraps are collected in staff rooms, food tech classes and outside spaces and placed in the compost bins. Garden waste, paper and sawdust from MDT is then added to the mix. After 4 – 6 months, the black gold (compost) is then placed around the College garden beds, which are high in nutrition, saves money, keeps moisture in and reduces the College’s carbon footprint by diverting green waste from landfill. A Year 12 cohort, lead by the Environment Captains, Max Tyler and Tom Fazackerley, introduced a solar compost bin last year for the students to use near the basketball court and actively encourage other students to use it.

The Sustainability and Environment Team have run a daily compost quiz to educate everyone on how to set up a compost bin, what to feed it, how to maintain it and troubleshooting. Congratulations to the quiz winners, Mr Wood, Jordan Harvey (Year 8), Lukas Mallios (Year 8) and Mr Murphy.

For more information go to or watch our College compost guru, Mrs Ciavarella compost presentation

Happy composting!
Ms Menzies

Year 9 Immune System Engineering Challenge

May 7th, 2020

To kick off the Home Learning Program experience, Year 9 students have started learning about the science involved in the Immune System.

Particularly given the impact of Coronavirus, there has been an increased demand for hygienic products such as hand soap and hand sanitiser. One of the broader learning activities presented to the students was an Immune System Engineering Challenge. Each of our Year 9 students were challenged to work individually or in pairs, to simulate a real-life scenario and assist the communities in Kenya from spreading diseases. The task required teams to design, build and test a device which would be able to dispense hand soap or sanitiser for the wider community.

The first lesson presented teams with a range of available material (either locally sourced or imported), with each item having a certain cost. Modelling an engineering project, each group was provided with a virtual budget of $125 to make a single device. Within this lesson, students were able determine their own groups and organise their individual roles in the team.

The second and third lessons were an opportunity for the teams to research possible solutions, design their device and create a prototype to be tested, evaluated and if needed, improved. Teachers of each of the classes were extremely impressed with all the groups’ eagerness to work together and develop a model, without needing to buy any equipment.

By the final lesson, teams were asked to present their innovations. Each group were required to justify their choice of materials and techniques in building the device, and if possible, evaluate the success of their design.

Attached are some of the products of our brilliant Year 9 students.

Jordan Regan and Dominic Paes – Main section to collect and dispense rainwater, smaller orange juice bottle to hold hand sanitiser/soap


Sam Coxhead and Harry Geilman


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