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St Philip’s Catholic Primary School

April 29th, 2021

Our Lady of Sion College Information Evening

April 29th, 2021

Intermediate Badminton team 2021 ACC Champs!

April 28th, 2021

Congratulations to the Whitefriars Intermediate Badminton team who have been crowned the ACC Champions for 2021. A huge effort by the boys and their coach Mr Anthony Yeo. Go Friars!

60th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Commemorative Candle

April 28th, 2021


The Whitefriars Parents’ Association in conjunction with Whitefriars College are delighted to invite our Whitefriars community (no current students, 18 years and over) to an evening which will be a celebration of friendships and history. The cost of the tickets is simply to cover the cost of the venue, food, beverages and entertainment. The Whitefriars Parents’ Association will be donating funds towards the evening to ensure it is cost effective for the wider community.

The event will be held at the Vogue Ballroom on Friday 20 August from 7pm. Tables of ten are available but with a capacity of 370 people, make sure to get in early.

Ticket includes three course meal, canapes and all beverages and entertainment by ‘Spin’ – Melbourne’s ultimate Cover Band.

Bookings will close on Friday 30 July 2021 (unless sold our prior). No payments will be accepted at the College.

If you wish to list your name as a Table Captain, please email the table number and the name to be listed to Natasha Alexander

Friday 20 August

Vogue Ballroom
399 Blackburn Road
Burwood East


Early bird discount
Get the early bird special price of $110/ticket (until 1 June) or $120/ticket until bookings close.
Please contact Mrs Natasha Alexander, Director of Development and Enrolment 9872 8200 or


Commemorative Candle $25

As part of celebration the Whitefriars Parents’ Association has produced an anniversary candle. Information about the candle and proceeds can be found at The candles are $25 and can be purchased through Trybooking, for pick up from reception at a later date.



Parent Partnerships

April 28th, 2021

Parent involvement in schooling benefits students, teachers and parents. As students’ progress through schooling, their parents tend to offer support in less visible ways, with direct parent involvement in schools being reduced. Parental participation improves student learning across all levels of schooling and is encouraged at Whitefriars.

The benefits for involving parents in student learning at the College include:

For students:

For parents:

For teachers:

Our Student Parent Teacher Conferences this week highlighted this important relationship between student, parent and the teachers at the College to work together to improve learning. Conversations online allowed parents to gain an understanding of where their son’s learning achievement and growth has occurred during the first semester to date. The move to online conferences and the disruptions to learning in 2020 created unprecedented and unexpected high demand by parents seeking feedback through the online experience. Due to this demand, we will be reviewing the process for Semester 2 and looking at ways to improve, again building on an opportunity for parents to be involved in their son’s schooling.

During Term 2, study skills evenings for parents and their son further highlights a partnership that supports learning. Parents can learn the skills with their son, thus creating opportunities for dialogue regarding learning. Our College Book Club is invitational for parents and allows opportunities to role model reading habits that are essential to successful learning.

Students, at times, can experience stress at school, particularly in the Senior Years of schooling. It affects parents, students, and teachers. Parents may respond or may be anxious about the attitude, behaviour, prospects and/or performance of their son. The frequency and effectiveness of communication and mutual support through our Pastoral Care Teachers, House Leaders and subject teachers and initiatives like Parent Information Evenings and involvement in the Parent Association, helps ensure the provision of constructive advice about supporting our boys.
The College provides extensive subject selection and career advice for students and parents during Term 2 and 3 (depending on the year level). The conversations help parents feel empowered and provides an opportunity to understand better the transition process and develop an awareness of the problems caused by imposing unrealistic expectations.
Maintaining a supportive relationship with their child and the school is important for parents. Our online learning platform, Whitefriars Engage, provides regular information and student achievement information and important communication. Whitefriars’ also facilitates opportunities for supportive communication between parents and their son through email, by phone and at regular events.

An upcoming event that parents are encouraged to attend is the Study Skills. The College will be offering study skills evenings for students in Year 8, 9 and 10 this term to assist students and their parents. The evenings will be facilitated by Marina Ensor, Mark Ashmore, Greg Clifford and Claire Thompson in the Healy-Wilson Theatre. Bookings are required due to the limited number of seats in the theatre.

The dates are as follows:
Year 8
Tuesday 4 May
7pm – 8pm
Click on the link to book:

Year 9 and 10
Mon 24 May, Tues 25 May and Thurs 27 May
7pm – 9pm
Click on the link to book:


Mr Mark Ashmore

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

STEW Club – Engineering your paper helicopter

April 28th, 2021

On Wednesday 21 April at lunchtime, a range of students participated in the STEW Club activity where they engineered their paper helicopter. Students were briefed to design a helicopter to drop supplies to remote areas of East Timor recently devastated by floods and landslides. A controlled descent and soft landing were essential – too fast might damage the load and too slow might blow off course.  Students worked hard throughout lunchtime to make a prototype paper helicopter. They tested and adapted their prototype taking into account air resistance, gravity, weight, drag, and lift. Ultimately testing their adapted paper helicopters from the Science and Technology building third level landing. Well done to James McGowan for engineering a simple helicopter that hovered the best and Joshua Tapley for engineering a helicopter that survived the descend three stories off the Science and Technology building.

Watch out for our upcoming STEW Club activity on Wednesday 5 May – Bath bombs and Beeswax wraps for Mothers Day.

Mrs Daniela Carboon

Learning leader – Science and Technology

Library News April 2021

April 28th, 2021

Read a Million Words House Challenge…Ready Set Go 2021!
The Read a Million Words House Challenge for 2021 has been launched with great enthusiasm, with students counting their reading from the holidays as a start. House tallies have begun to appear in the Shortis Library foyer. Fascinating book chats are occurring where students verify their reading and share thoughts on authors, titles and stories. Bonus points can be earned by writing reviews for the library catalogue and the library blog.

The challenge runs from 1 April – 4 August 2021 and is open to all students and staff of Whitefriars College.

More information: Read a Million House Reading Challenge 2021 Guide


Lego Club
The first Lego Club of term two saw students take on a 20-minute challenge to ‘make a duplicate of an everyday item’.
Year 7s, Henry Robinson, Riley Edwards, Santiago Paulini, Tom Clancy & Luke Paciocco amongst others, quickly got their thinking caps on to create an iPhone; Water tap; Apple, Lemon, Blueberry, Slipper & Gas lighter and candle.


Coming up …Term 2 at the Shortis Library

Contact Library: Ph: 9872 8320

The Shortis Library Team

Earth Day Celebration

April 28th, 2021

Earth Day was celebrated last Thursday 22 April at the College. The Year 7 RE classes participated in a Sustainability and Environment Team presentation. Earth Day is an annual event where millions of people around the world celebrate the Earth and consider ways to protect it. The 7RE presentation included students to reflect on their personal connection to the Earth and write a letter of gratitude. The following are some examples from the students:

Dear Earth,
Thank you for the plants and trees that give us oxygen and fresh air.
K (7B)

Dear Earth,
Thank you for providing me with food, fresh water, materials for a house to live in. Oxygen to breath. Grass to play footy on. Dirt to build push bike and motor bike jumps and tracks and fun things to do outdoors.
N (7B)

Dear Earth,
Thank you for providing me with vegetables. I am thankful for it because I love eating natural food that brings me joy and comfort as well as a healthy body to help me through the day. I am thankful for it.
L (7A)

Dear Earth,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play sports on ovals and thank you to the animals on earth for providing leather for football and basket balls and other sports.
J (7A)

Dear Earth,
Thank you for providing me with water to drink and food to eat so I don’t die. Thank you for providing us with materials to make shelter and tools so we don’t get too cold or too hot and die.
Z (7A)

Being grateful and considering ways to care for the Earth is part of the Year 7 RE Care for Creation Unit this term. Students gained an understanding around the IPCC data and why Pope Francis wrote Laudato Si in 2015 urges humans to take action around the climate crisis. Students were then presented with ways to improve habits around energy, water, waste and biodiversity usage and made a final pledge on ways they can personally care for Creation.

For more information visit
For an understanding of the issues affecting the Earth, visit and
For information on actions visit


Mrs Jo Menzies

on behalf of Sustainability and Environment Team


Heroes of the week: Mitch and Liam

March 29th, 2021

Two students, Mitch Rebecca (10C1) and Liam Rooney (10B4) have organised and participated in a fundraising activity over the last month. Both boys decided to show support for their friend who lost his mother to breast cancer last month. They worked with a group of eight boys to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research.

Over that month the boys raised a staggering $23, 000 which culminated in the symbolic act of support by shaving their heads. Mitch’s thoughts on his first look in the mirror and being able to see himself without his natural curly hair was, “that’s weird!” Fortunately for cancer research, that weird feeling was able to make a healthy contribution to hopefully make a difference for the future.

From a House Leader perspective, it is a moment of humility and pride when you deal with young men who behave in such a positive way. It is a reminder of the power of good will and intent that the students have at Whitefriars and when given the right opportunity, they can create meaningful moments.

Mr Jeremy Freeman and Mr Tom Sykes, House Leaders







The group of heroes:

2021 House Cross Country

March 29th, 2021

In the final weeks of Term 1, student’s took part in the annual House Cross Country carnival. I was blown away by the participation and effort by all the boys that raced, having a go, and putting in their all. Despite a wet, slippery and muddy 3km course around the school and down to the Mullum Mullum, it was the roaring cheers and support from every participant that, motivated each other to cross the finish line.

I would like to congratulate the amazing efforts of the place getters for each year level.

Year 7:

1st Jamie Alder (Corsini) 12:23

2nd Kaiden Ramirez (Trinity) 12:48

3rd Zac Antonellos (Mantua) 12:54

Year 8:

1st Cameron Ellis (Trinity) 11:17

2nd Sam Feng (Avila) 11:25

3rd Seth O’Malley (Stein) 12:27


Year 9:

1st Luke Wilson (Trinity) 11:56

2nd James Hammerton (Trinity) 11:59

3rd Joel Imbriano (Soreth) 12:10


Year 10:

1st Tariku Natschev (Brandsma) 11:08

2nd Anthony Moule (Avila) 11:29

3rd Tobias Kilkenny (Stein) 11:47

Year 11:

1st Callum White (Corsini) 10:41

2nd Noah Wright (Brandsma) 11:26

3rd Ryan Dickensen (Mantua) 11:43


Year 12:

1st Jack Hartnett (Soreth) 11:10

2nd Lachie Parrott (Trinity) 11:18

3rd Angus Bunker-Smith (Corsini) 11:21


A huge special mention to Year 7 Trinity boys who got down and around the senior race on Wednesday and cheered the older boys on, regardless of the wet cold weather. Also, a huge thank you to all the staff and teachers helped around the day to guide the boys along the course.

Since missing the Cross-Country Season last year I am encouraging anyone to come down to morning trainings next, to further enhance and improve your running at fitness.

It is with Great pleasure that I announce the winners of the 2021 House Cross Country Championship to the house of AVILA.

Well done to Mr Stafford and the Avila boys who were very consistent across all year levels.

Jonas Morrison, Cross Country Captain 2021

Student Pathways – Applied Learning

March 29th, 2021

A vibrant aspect of our school in the Senior Years is the opportunity for our students to have an applied learning focus through Vocational Preparation at Year 10 and in our intermediate (Year 11) and Senior (Year 12) VCAL classes. Students learn skills and capabilities as they are exposed to work environments and training programs. A trend in employment in society is that the applied pathway opportunities beyond school are only increasing in demand.

In many ways our VCAL students have demonstrated the courage to seek out the VCAL pathway. Our boys involved in the VCAL program have a focus on moving into credentialled certificate courses (and university), apprenticeships or work post Year 12.  In some cases, students are fast tracking their apprenticeship and work and saving upon course fees by undertaking the VCAL program in the Whitefriars Senior Years. Importantly, the students are engaged and develop the necessary skills for their individual pathway that may not have taken place if they studied in the VCE.


Our VCAL students have had an eventful and fulfilling term:


Intermediate Barista Coffee Making and Food Handling Certificate Course

Recently, the intermediate VCAL students have completed their Barista and Food Handling Certificate course which teaches boys about how to make coffees, how to use the coffee machine and the hygiene that is required when making coffees. The VCAL café program enables senior students the opportunity to make and sell coffee and experience first-hand budgeting and how to manage a business. VCAL teachers are preparing for Intermediate and Senior VCAL students to undertake a café task together next term for the teachers and students at Whitefriars.


Intermediate Work Experience

The intermediate VCAL students recently attended their first work experience opportunity for the VCAL program at their chosen trade or job site. Usually, the boys will choose a job that aligns with their TAFE course. While doing the work experience, each student will gain an understanding of what it is like to be on a job site with other workers, how to manage working for a boss and be given the chance to dip their toes in the world outside school. The program creates independence and it gives the boys a chance to focus on what may become their future.


Asylum Seekers Refuge Vegetable Growing Project

Since the start of the year, both Intermediate and Senior VCAL students have been renovating/building our new Vegetable Growing Mindfulness space behind F1.01 and F1.02 classrooms. It will be a functioning garden space for all learning areas, wellbeing and the community to gather for multiple purposes. This project will extend beyond our current senior and intermediate students as it will become a legacy for other students in the future. Students are involved in preparing, installing, planting, maintaining and harvesting a wide range of produces that will support a range of curriculum units and extra curriculum projects. For now, the goal in its first year is to try and design, organise, and develop a working garden and then hopefully develop it with the environmental studies classes or mindfulness activities ran by Pastoral groups or Houses.

Proposed activities and experiences for the Vegetable Growing Project space:

College Curriculum

 The curriculum is further supported by the following student and staff clubs:

The garden will also support the following community projects and events:



Mr Mark Ashmore

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

Earth Hour #switchoff

March 29th, 2021

On Saturday night, we celebrated Earth Hour. A worldwide event where millions of people around the world switch off electricity for 60minutes as a symbolic gesture that they care about the planet’s future.


More information visit:


What can we do for Earth Hour?

  • Switch your mode of transport
  • Switch your energy provider for greener option
  • Switch your bill to include % of green energy
  • Switch appliances to better star rating
  • Switch lights to LED
  • Switch to renewables or research options
  • Turn off lights, heating and cooling when leaving room
  • Wear warmer clothes before you turn on the heater
  • Plant vegetation to offer shade to help keep buildings cool
  • Switch your banking and superannuation to those that invest in renewables.





What has the college been doing?

The College has been trying to reduce its energy consumption over the years. Better rated appliances, changing lighting to LED, power off devices, sensor lights and heating/cooling.  Here’s a graph to show our energy journey since 2015. The College has completed an energy audit and looking at our future energy resources. Hopefully it will include renewables in the future!

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