Bruschetta – Buon Appetito!

Once again I was able to run my Italian lesson in the Food Tech Room with my Year 7s of Semester 2. Thank you Mrs Maria Ciavarella for setting up and sourcing all the ingredients for us. Here are some of the reflections. I have also included the recipe for you to try at home. Your son will translate it and demonstrate how to make a delicious Bruschetta.

Buon Appetito!

Ms Paula Barca


Year 7 Semester 2 Making Bruschetta

Making Bruschetta was so fun and it tasted amazing. I particularly enjoyed making the Bruschetta and going into the food tech room for the first time. I also liked following the recipe in Italian, and translating the words into English.

Luke Coviello 7B3

I thought the Bruschetta was very good. It was a great experience for us year 7s to have a taste of Italian culture. If you like tomatoes, basil, sourdough and lots of other small ingredients, you will love this as a snack after you get home from school or work.  Overall it was a great experience to taste Italian culture!

William Neilson 7M1

I really enjoyed making the Bruschetta because it was something new that I have tried and it turned out tasting really nice.

Gene Cuberes 7B5

I loved making the Bruschetta. We got a partner and cooked at our own stations. The ingredients were cherry tomatoes, bread, salt, oregano, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Curtis Foong 7T7

Making bruschetta was a fun way of learning Italian words and recognising when words sound like English ones. The end result was also very tasty.

Aidan Dow-Lavery 7L2