Bluebird Ski Day for Unit 2 PE

What better place to put theoretical learning into practice than the beautiful alpine region of Lake Mountain. Last week, the Unit 2 PE classes went cross country skiing for the first time under the guidance of Mr Peter Rennie and Mr Shane Cotter. The students were able to connect their learning from Unit 2 area of study 1 to a real-world example. They saw first hand the social, physical and emotional benefits of physical activity that they had been learning about in the classroom as well as applying the theoretical models for participation. They were also able to examine the sociocultural factors, enablers and barriers that influence a person’s ability to participate in activities such as cross country skiing.  A perfect way to put into practise knowledge and enjoy a wonderful experience in the snow.


Mrs Kelly Hoinville-Catania                       Katherine Smith

Student Empowerment Leader                 Health and Physical Education Learning Leader