Best wishes to our Timor-Leste Immersion Travellers

It is hard to comprehend that in 2018, there could be a country that might be just on 750 kilometers North East of Darwin where the average daily wage would have an $AU conversion that is the equivalent of a Woolworths loaf of white bread. That country exists, and is, Timor-Leste.

Today, eleven Year 11 students are landing in Dili ready to be immersed in the culture, history and the day-to-day lifestyle and struggle of the Timorese as part of our on-going program of commitment to remote and urban areas of this developing nation. Our students will work as volunteer English teachers in a number of primary and secondary education settings. They will build swing sets and soccer/netball goals in several primary schools that have no playground equipment and will help to solve the logistical challenges of having to borrow basic tools; source and purchase materials in a foreign language, all while having very limited building experience themselves. Our boys will also be transporting 242 Days for Girls (DFG) Washable Feminine Hygiene Packs (lasting 3 years) that have been produced by various DFG volunteer groups around Australia, including our own Whitefriars group. Our boys know exactly the effort and love that goes into the production of these amazing products and will discretely observe the amazing level of empowerment that these products brings to women and young girls in developing countries. It is hoped that our boys will promote the significance of this message amongst their peers upon their return.

We are supported along the way by the Carmelites in Timor-Leste over our 12 day experience, an experience that is life changing for most, if not all!

Our next DFG Sewing Day is Sunday 12 August and we will keep you posted on booking details as they are established.



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