Benjamin Phillips, Cadet Under Officer

At Whitefriars, it is our mission to ensure that all students are challenged to do their best here and beyond the gates of Whitefriars. Benjamin Phillips (Year 11)  is experiencing incredible success as an Airforce Cadet and truly epitomises what it means to strive to be the best you can be and follow your dreams.

Benjamin has been in the Airforce Cadets for 5 years with his goal of eventually joining the Airforce as a pilot or air traffic controller. The aims of the Airforce Cadets are:

  • To give cadets a foundation of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) knowledge and discipline
  • To develop qualities of leadership, self-reliance and initiative
  • To develop character and good citizenship in the widest sense
  • To develop an interest in the RAAF and aviation generally
  • To instil a knowledge of aviation history, and
  • To encourage cadets to continue an active interest in aviation into their adult life.

Recently, Benjamin participated in a three-week promotion course at the RAAF base in Laverton hoping to become a Cadet Under Officer, the highest rank in the Airforce Cadets. In January, Benjamin achieved this promotion and is also now the Squadron Executive Officer for Surrey Hills 401 Squadron. Further to this list of achievements, Benjamin was also accepted into the International Airforce Cadet Exchange program and will be travelling to Canada for three weeks in the middle of the year to represent Australia.

Congratulations Benjamin. We at Whitefriars wish you the very best and are very proud of all you have achieved.


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students