‘Belong’ Mural

The Visual Arts team and 2023 VA Captain Leon Papanastasiou (standing in front of the installation) are delighted to have this amazing mural reinstated in the Butler Building level 2. The ‘BELONG’ mural was painted in 2014 lead by ‘Student-Artist-in-Residence’ past Visual Arts Captain Tom Lewis. It was originally located in the Butler Building hallway (where it is now located), moved to Father Noel’s office and then into storage.

A combination of realistic imagery and symbolism conveys the thoughts and ideas of the Whitefriars community during the launch year of our school theme ‘Belong’. After collaborative consultation, many design concepts and final refinements the mural reflects the dedication and hard work of many people.

The mural has an overall repeating symbol of the circle which represents many aspects of our school including: the reflective nature of the Carmelites, the notion of Christ as the centre, the design of the Chapel, the idea that a circle is never ending and forever and finally the notion of the water ripples that represent the six years of schooling – each year a student grows in confidence, knowledge, and maturity. The central focus of the hands shaking represents the notion of welcome, mateship and connectedness. Surrounding this are the pieces of a puzzle that represent the Houses which form the core of our school, to which all students belong. Without one piece of the puzzle – it is not complete! The gum trees frame the outside of the work reminding us of our unique setting and the land from which we owe so much. Traversing the base of the mural is a linked chain that represents the idea that no matter where you go in life you will always have a link back to the school. Within each of these links are written words that reflect aspects of Whitefriars as well as stylised figures and icons.

The following ex-students a had a major role in the designing and painting of this mural – Xavier Wray-McCann, Nick Turnbull, Matt Ravenarki, Harry Bell, Oscar Kennedy, and Oscar Levi.


Ms Roslyn Leach

Learning Area Leader


2023 Street Art Mural

We are currently asking students and staff to get involved in our Street Art Mural for 2023. The mural will be made up of many individual or team/group art works, which will be blended into each other and combined to form the final full mural. The mural will be a total length of 2400mm by 1800mm high.

You can be creative with images or words or both!

Designs can be made individually or with a group of mates. Add your names or tag. You can create your artwork at home or at school. Canvas board will be suppled if you want to work at home – size 457mm X 610mm. You can work in your preferred media – paint, spray can (at home only), poscas, pencils.

Ideas cannot be offensive or of a political nature, must be suitable for our school environment and reflective of our core values.

Please submit your ideas to Mrs Leach ASAP.