Bebras Challenge – Digital Technologies

The Bebras Challenge is designed to help students explore their talents and passion for informatics and computational thinking with engaging challenges. It is organised in over 30 countries and designed to get students all over the world enthusiastic about computing and the tasks can all be completed without any preparation or studying. Students work through a set of tasks that focus on different topics and skills within informatics and computational and logical thinking.

A number of our students in the junior and intermediate levels participated in the Bebras Challenge. Whitefriars College’s involvement is part of an international initiative whose goal is to promote computational thinking amongst students. Students who competed in the challenge were given the choice of competing individually or in groups. Of particular note were Alex Loads, Luka Ivanusic and Christopher Yeung who all received Distinctions.

I would like to congratulate all students on their involvement in this challenge. Special acknowledgement to Ms Rhonda Powling for organising and coordinating this initiative on behalf of the boys. A list of the high achievers appears below – congratulation’s boys.


Name Award
Andrew Karaeleftheriadis Credit
Archie Rowe Credit
Xavier Noonan Credit
Alexander Tsafkopoulos Credit
Alex Loads Distinction
Luka Ivanusic Distinction
Christopher Yeung Distinction
Lachlan Biddle Distinction
Josh Lyons Credit
Alexander Griffiths Credit
Xavier Lancucki Credit
Toby Truong Credit


Mr Ashley Payne

Learning Leader – Academic Enrichment & Data