Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) 2023

On Friday 4 August we had many students from Years 7-12 participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC).

The aims of the Competition are three-fold:

  • To highlight the importance of mathematics as a curriculum subject;
  • To give students an opportunity to discover talent in mathematics; and
  • To provide resources for the classroom and general discussion.

I am pleased to announce that results for this competition were outstanding. A summary of results is below. Students will be presented with certificates and recognised for their efforts later in Term 4. I would also like to acknowledge Mrs Liz Moloney (Maths Enrichment Facilitator) for her organisation and co-ordination of this event for highly abled students.

Division  First name Last name Achievement
8 Alexander Tsafkopoulos High Distinction
7 Benjamin Miller Distinction
7 Nihit Pandey Distinction
7 Liam Smith Distinction
8 Jonathan Hewitt Distinction
8 Joseph Prossomariti Distinction
11 Dathen Seneviratne Distinction
8 Hudson Barnett Credit
8 Bailey Chessum Credit
8 John-Michael Kuswanto Credit
8 Andrew Karaeleftheriadis Credit
8 Travis Murray Credit
8 Trent Murray Credit
8 Xavier Noonan Credit
8 Xavier O’Malley Credit
8 Archie Rowe Credit
8 Cristiano Vetere Credit
9 Andrew Chard Credit
9 Ethan George Credit
10 Jonathan Katos Credit
11 Joel Imbriano Credit
11 Harrison Little Credit
11 Edward Malcolm Credit
11 Lukas Mallios Credit
11 Noah Morrison Credit
11 Lucas Superina Credit
8 Henry James Proficiency
8 Angus McKendry Proficiency
7 Peter Darcy Proficiency
8 Myles Siablis Proficiency
11 Lucas Ficarra Proficiency