Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) 2022

On Wednesday 3 August we had many students from Years 7-12 participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC).

The aims of the Competition are three-fold:

  • To highlight the importance of mathematics as a curriculum subject;
  • To give students an opportunity to discover talent in mathematics; and
  • To provide resources for the classroom and general discussion.

I am pleased to announce that results for this competition were outstanding. A summary of results is below. Students will be presented with certificates and recognised for their efforts later in term 4. I would also like to acknowledge Mrs Liz Moloney (Maths Enrichment Facilitator) for her organisation and coordination of this event for highly abled students.

Division  Name Achievement
Junior – Year 7 Magnum Chasteau Credit
Junior – Year 7 Trent Murray Credit
Junior – Year 7 Travis Murray Credit
Junior – Year 7 Joseph Prossomariti Distinction
Junior – Year 7 Alexander Tsafkopoulos Credit
Junior – Year 8 Ethan George Credit
Junior – Year 8 Xavier Lancucki Credit
Intermediate – Year 9 Winton Davis Distinction
Intermediate – Year 9 Jonathan Katos Distinction
Intermediate – Year 9 Noah Mendez Proficiency
Intermediate – Year 9 Mitchell Perera Distinction
Intermediate – Year 10 Dathen Seneviratne Distinction
Intermediate – Year 10 Lucas Ficarra Proficiency
Intermediate – Year 10 Joel Imbriano Credit
Intermediate – Year 10 Harry Little Distinction
Intermediate – Year 10 Lukas Mallios Distinction
Senior – Year 12 Marc Cordeiro Credit