ASX Share Market Game winners receive award

Congratulations to the two winners of the ASX Share Market in 2021. Ben Long (B1, middle) and Will Staplefeldt (L5, left), who came out on top in Game 1 and Game 2 respectively, for the College this year.

It was a difficult year to pick winners in the stock market with ongoing uncertainty due to the pandemic being reflected in the prices of the ASX listed companies. Ben and Will kept cool heads and were both attentive to their portfolios, achieving strong results. In Game 2, this was particularly the case for Will as September and October have traditionally been challenging months for investors, and 2021 was true to form.

Nonetheless, Will’s performance saw him achieve 31st place in Victoria out of thousands of contestants, while Ben Long made it into the top 100 nationally in Game 1. I was fortunate to each both winners in 2021 and believes both boys have strong prospects ahead in the investing space.

Alastair Ingram
Economics Teacher