ASX Schools Sharemarket Game

How would you invest $50,000?

Your son can find out by participating in the ASX Schools Sharemarket Game, offered by the Commerce Learning area to all students!

Game 2 of the ASX Schools Sharemarket is underway and it’s the perfect time for students to join in on the trading. The Game allows students to test their trading skills through buying and selling shares in a simulated environment that replicates the Australian Stock Exchange. You can trade as an individual or create a syndicate with some friends (1 to 4 students). This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about trading shares without the risks of losing it all in the real world. The Game develops students’ understanding of market conditions and trends, encouraging them to think critically to analyse current data on the ASX.

Students who sign up will have the opportunity to compete against students from all over Australia and have the possibility of winning $1,000 in total. Last year, Anthony Loupis of Year 11 Avila came second in Australia and first in Victoria winning a total of $800 in prize money.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain, so register (or encourage your son to register!) before 28 September to secure their place in the competition. If you would like to join, please send an email to Thomas Grigoletto and if you intend on creating a syndicate, please provide the name of your syndicate in this email. Once you’ve sent your email, you will be registered by the Commerce faculty and provided with login details to access the Sharemarket Game.

Best of luck to all competitors,

Thomas Grigoletto

2023 Commerce and Humanities Captain