ASX Schools Sharemarket Game – Top Performer

Attracting thousands of participants each year from across the country, the ASX Schools Sharemarket Game was once again launched at Whitefriars as part of the Year 10 Economics and Personal Accounting course for Semester 2. Starting with a virtual $50,000, the game challenges students to practice their economics skills through the calculated buying and selling of ASX-listed shares to try and build the highest value portfolio. Over 10 weeks between late-August and October, our Whitefriars Year 10 Economics students actively invested in over 300 companies listed on the ASX using the exact same prices as they would get in the live market.

With over 18,000 participants nationally, our very own Anthony Loupis (Year 10) emerged victorious, and successfully traded his way to 3rd place Nationally, as well becoming the Victorian winner with a final portfolio value of $63,764.87 (or final growth of 27.5%)! Given the recent months of the ASX having been hammered with volatile conditions, low confidence and struggling economic growth, this is an even more impressive for Anthony, who was patient and well-calculated with his investments.

Guided by supply chain issues, the pandemic and global conflicts, Anthony “reflected upon our current geopolitical situation with wars overseas and the emergence from the pandemic, and how they have created great shortages in building materials, making the demand for their product increase greatly.” Anthony’s passion for the building and construction industry was a key factor in his investment decision, one which clearly paid off!

From there, all Anthony needed was a little patience as he watched his portfolio grow. “The other strategy I adopted was to be patient and give some time to the shares and watched patiently as they grew in value.”

For his success, Anthony was awarded a certificate from the ASX, along with a total cash prize of $800 for coming 3rd Nationally, as well as 1st in Victoria.

Congratulations Anthony!


Mr Kevin Nguyen