Anyone for coffee?

On Thursday 10 February, the Intermediate VCAL classes attended an incursion provided by RSA for schools. On this day we attended the ‘Barista Bus – onsite barista training’.

To gain our Barista Certificate, we not only learnt to make and serve coffees but completed a test on a range of different questions. On board the Barista Bus we received demonstrations of how to use the coffee machine and the proper way to make different coffees. After this we got into teams and made a range of coffees such as latte, short black and cappuccino to name a few. After learning how to make the coffees we had the task of making some for the staff. The feedback from many was really positive – apparently teachers like their coffee!

We learned all sorts of different techniques and specialties when making coffee such as, how to froth milk and how to make designs in our coffees. The group gained many new skills such as working in a team under pressure, and how to communicate with each other. After the practical course we had to put all our knowledge to the test to get our official Barista Certificate. This will be great to add to our resumes.

Overall, this was a very beneficial program and a great day. We learned many hands-on skills and gained our Barista Certificate.

Intermediate VCAL Class A