Mr Loprevite wins ACC Service Award

Congratulations to Mr Anthony Loprevite who received an ACC Service Award. ACC award recipients are nominated by schools based on the following criteria;

1.Currently be either of the following:

  1. employed by an ACC member school
  2. an employee of the ACC
  3. engaged or contracted by a member school or the ACC office as an official, coach or support personnel at an ACC event or activity.

2.Have been a key contributor to the delivery or support of a major ACC event or activity for 10 years or more.

3.Demonstrated active support of the ACC motto “Excellence, Honour and Fairness in student activities” as well as the ethos of Catholic Education.


Anthony joins the following accomplished list of past and present Whitefriars Staff members who have been acknowledged by the ACC.

Bates, Taryn
Athletics, Cross-Country, Football, Hockey, Soccer at St Joseph’s College Geelong, St Bernard’s College & Whitefriars College

Bird, Brad
Basketball, Football, Athletics

Bird, Tracey
Athletics, Basketball, Cross-Country, Swimming, Volleyball (1994-Present)

Ciardulli, Peter
Head of Sport 1998-2010, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Athletics

Collins, Trent
Cross-Country, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball

Cotter, Shane
Swimming, Tennis, Football, Cross Country

Dalrymple, Andy
Golf, Cricket, Football

Freeman, Jeremy
Football, Volleyball

Height, Kristan
Director of Sport (2019-Present), Cricket, Football, Tennis & ACC Athletics, Cross-Country & Swimming

Loprevite, Anthony
Soccer, Basketball, Athletics, Cross Country, Assistant Head of Sport

Kellar, Gavin
Assistant Head of Sport (2008-2010), Director of Sport (2011-2018), Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross-Country, Football (2005-Present)

Pospischil, Frank
Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket

Rennie, Peter
Hockey, Football, Cricket, Volleyball

Sykes, Tom
Soccer, Hockey


Mr Kristan Height

Coordinator – Sport