Noel Lim (Class of 2010) and Co-founder of ANIKA. ANIKA is an online platform which provides free legal advice to Australians who might otherwise not receive it. They connect users who need legal advice with law students in partner universities who are desperate for practical legal experience, and their lawyers supervise the process to assure a quality legal aid service. The users receive free legal advice, and the students receive the practical legal skills and social awareness which will enable them to become part of the access to justice solution on an ongoing basis.

ANIKA started in February 2018 and gained traction in the Global Legal Hackathon, where they placed runners-up in the final round in New York City.

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Please vote for ANIKA. The grant money would allow them to assist so many people in desperate need of help.

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2. ‘Shortlist’ ANIKA, and this will take you to a registration page
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