Accomodation sought for new Italian language assistant

This year at Whitefriars we are fortunate enough to receive an Italian Language Assistant from Italy organised through the program run by CO.AS.IT in Carlton. Our assistant’s name is Federico Carchedi. We are required to find temporary host accommodation for him. It will be for a period of four weeks. Federico speaks English and will be working at Whitefriars assisting in Italian language classes.

I am putting it out to our Whitefriars community to ask if anyone would like to host him for this short time. There are no other expectations other than providing a room for him to sleep. Board is not taken for these four weeks. Meals are not expected to be provided.

It is an opportunity to welcome to our country a language assistant who will be at Whitefriars for the whole year. He will arrive on Friday 21 April.

CO.AS.IT will have already inducted him into the country a week earlier.

I eagerly look forward to anyone willing to host Federico.

Please contact Ms Paula Barca, Learning Leader of Languages, or phone 98728381 for further details.