ACC Senior Soccer

On 22 May, the Whitefriars vs Emmanuel soccer match started at 1.30pm. Our school needed a goal to go through the semi finals in the competition. In the first minute, I had a big chance to score a goal which was a one on one against a goal keeper. Unfortunately, I missed it because of nerves. After a while, I overcame them to score a goal! Once I scored this goal, our team warmed up to smash Emmanuel! We ended up 4-0 in the first half – but that was not enough for us, so we concentrated during the second half and scored more than 13 goals.

I was bit frustrated because I missed many chances. In the last 20 minutes I got subbed off but the score was still 7-0. I believed my team could reach 13 and they did it in last minute. By trusting my teammates, I have realised there is nothing impossible in soccer. Although we will face St Joseph Geelong (first on the ladder) next Wednesday, we will do our best in the match. It is on at 1.30pm if you are interested.

Written by Toshiya Tsuji (Japanese International student)

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