A Word from our College Captain

Unfortunately, we again find ourselves in the grip of another Covid-19 lockdown. I know its tough for all of us. today I found myself sitting at my desk struggling not to reach for my phone every two minutes let alone get into the work set for me by my teachers.

It’s truly exhausting for all of us – staff and students – and to be frank, there is not much I can say to you that has not been said already. Perhaps the only comfort I am able to provide is the fact that we are all going through this together. Every exhausting and infuriating turn along this winding road is shared by everyone in our community.

Therefore, it should be known that all your support network; friends, family, teachers and the like can deeply empathise with you. I would like to stress the importance of reaching out to those people you love if you are feeling emotionally affected by this recent lockdown. If you suspect that someone close to you is feeling down, make sure to take a minute out of your day to check up on them, communicate your appreciation for them and be open to listening to their independent struggles. Everyone responds to hardship to varying degrees and it is so important that we are sensitive to the personal challenges that everyone is facing. And equally so, it is important that you do not force yourself to minimize your own struggle.

“It’s not weak to speak.”

Don’t hesitate to contact those around you. Today, it was the brief exchanges between my teachers, fellow students and pastoral care group that lifted my motivation and happiness. It’s crucial not to underestimate how valuable the ‘small things’ are. Take it easy this weekend. Enjoy the Olympics or the footy, watch a movie, read a book or play some video games. Make sure to get out in the sunshine and get in your daily exercise. Don’t feel guilty if your work ethic slumps because we all need a break sometimes. Especially in such difficult circumstances.

I can’t wait to get back to on-campus learning and crunch out the second half of the year!

Keep persisting boys, you are all embodying the true determination and grit of the Whitefriars community.

Warm regards,

Charlie Schroder