A visit from St Bede’s Primary School

‘Professional Sharing’ was on the agenda for visiting Learning Diversity staff from St Bede’s Primary School in North Balwyn. Our Whitefriars College Learning Diversity team shared their professional approaches to providing support for students with specific needs and disability.

Both Whitefriars College and St Bede’s staff reflected on the Catholic principles of Horizons of Hope, in their work with diverse students, including, embracing difference and diversity, building a culture of learning together, and committing to achieving the highest standards possible based on reflective practice. Staff considered the NCCD processes developed, to ensure that the curriculum is accessible to all students.

We were fortunate to be joined by the Principal, Mark Murphy, and the Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching, Mark Ashmore, to welcome the group and speak further about the importance of equitable access and opportunity for diverse learners. We would like to thank Amanda Martin at St Bede’s for helping to coordinate this professional learning opportunity.


Mrs Simone Livingstone

Learning Leader – Learning Diversity