A taste of ‘big school’

One afternoon after school last week we made our Food Technology kitchen available for use by the Principal, some staff, parents and children from St Bridget’s Primary School in Greythorn.

The enthusiastic children and adults descended upon us with boxes of donated ingredients suitable to be made into soups. Under the supervision of Ms Molloy and Mrs Ciavarella, the pupils and staff chopped their way through the vegetables. No recipes were involved here – invention tests were the order of the day, resulting in some delicious vegetarian soups.

The soups were packaged and refrigerated for eventual distribution amongst needy parishioners as well as to the local St Vincents. There were over 130 serves of soup made. This is a collaboration that takes place annually, though in the last few years, despite our best intentions, we weren’t able to host the primary school.

At the end of the afternoon, the children left with a taste of what ‘big school’ can be like and those doing it tough in our community with some hot soup to nourish them.

Mrs Ciavarella

Food Technology assistant