Will Harvey (Class of 2016) 17.6.1998 – 10.12.2017

Dear Members of the Whitefriars Community

I write to you with the sad news that Will Harvey (Class of 2016) has passed away.

Our community has been aware that Will sustained substantial injuries as the result of a fall in March of last year. Will has been cared for by the Austin Hospital for a significant length of time and recently moved to assisted accommodation. We pray for his parents, Kathryn and Tony, and his brother Jonathan (Class of 2013) at this most difficult time.

A number of Will’s former classmates will be gathering at the College at 2.00pm today to support one another. There will be an opportunity to gather as a community for evening prayer. We will advise you of the timing of this gathering in the near future.

May the angels lead you into paradise, and the saints take you by the hand and walk with you into the presence of God.
There, face-to-face, you will meet our loving Father. His hands will be swift to welcome, and he will hold you close: his tender love is that of a mother for her child, and he has written your name, Will, on the palm of his hands.

Almae In Fide Parentis

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