Year 12 Drug and Alcohol Education Program

As part of the Year 12 Formation Program, students participated in a workshop delivered by Tim Powell from ‘Values for Life, on the topic of drugs and alcohol. The following areas were covered in this very important topic:

  • What drugs are and exploring the different reasons why people use drugs and alcohol
  • The effects of drug use on the human body including medicinal and more harmful drugs
  • How alcohol (and other drugs) effects the brain
  • What addiction is, how it begins and impacts the future
  • The importance of making positive and healthy life choices
  • How peer pressure can be powerful, particularly for young people, and how it influences our choices
  • Decision-making and thinking of long-term consequences
  • Promotion of resilient factors including the need for a caring community, having positive role models, setting goals and having a greater purpose in life

The Year 12 Formation Program is designed to prepare students for life beyond school. The final stage of the program will involve workshops and presentations covering topics such as Gambling and Masculinity.


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students